Saturday, November 29, 2014

Play free games and get free gift cards and rewards!

Play2Shop is a site that will allow you to play 100% free games to earn points that you can redeem for gift cards from companies like Best Buy, Amazon and Target and other merchandise and rewards.
There is no limit to how much you can play.  As a matter of fact, they state on their official website that the more you play, the longer you play, the more you will earn.

Here is how you can earn more points from Play2Shop

  • Playing free games
  • Inviting your friends
  • Getting on the leaderboard in any tournaments you may participate in
  • Shopping at their stores
  • As a VIP member
  • Purchasing points
  • Spinning the wheel
  • Share your points earnings on Facebook and Twitter
I currently use this site just to play games in my spare time.  You do not have to be a VIP member, shop online or purchase points to earn free points here.  This is just a way for you to earn extra points or build up your points for faster rewards.

If you like playing games in your spare time, you will like Play2Shop.  Here are some of their requirements listed below.

  • Must be at least 18
  • Can live in any location (Open Worldwide)
If you are ready to get started to earn some free points for free gift cards and products, sign up here.  Please watch this video tutorial below to see some of their rewards.


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